Thought Leaders Conference 2023

Sam Houston State University, Institute for Homeland Security invites you to a
Thought Leaders Conference on the emerging risk issue of "How to
Protect Critical Infrastructure from Unconventional Attacks by a
Near Peer, Geo-Political Adversary during a "Gray War".

Institute for Homeland Security


George Friedman, PhD: President of GEO-POLITICAL FUTURES Inc., STRATFOR Founder and New York Times Best Selling Author

Nicholas Eftimiades: DoD Defense Science Board, DHS Homeland Security Advisory Council, US Department of State

Ambassador (Ret) Ron Neumann: President, American Academy of Diplomacy

Nitin Natarajan: Deputy Director, Critical Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), US Department of Homeland Security

The "Thought Leader" symposium will feature NATIONAL experts discussing the risk of "Gray War" attacks and how to defend against their unconventional "Active Measure" attack methods, including:

  • AI-based Disinformation Campaigns to Create Brand Distrust, Labor Unrest and Social Violence
  • Misinformation to Disrupt Supply Chain Operations
  • “False Flag” Customer Purchases
  • "Sleeper Cells" initiating Internal Sabotage, Product Tampering and Industrial Accidents
  • Cyber-Attacks
  • And More!