Emerging Technology for Critical Infrastructure

Technologies being developed today will enable innovation, creating both local and global economic power shifts. They also create security threats and are already being used as instruments of state power. Our country needs Critical Infrastructure professionals who understand issues and threats of new technology, and who can help protect their organization from them. This course will help professionals understand both strategic and tactical issues created by new technologies, and provide an introduction to two of the most significant emerging technologies today — Quantum Computing and Blockchain.

Upon successful completion of this course, professionals will be able to:

  • Understand the role emerging technologies play in allowing countries to gain economic and strategic advantage in the world economy.

  • Apply that understanding to protecting Homeland Security, Critical Infrastructure and Industry.

  • Demonstrate a basic understating of Quantum and Blockchain, and how they are likely to transform critical infrastructure protection.

  • Analyze emerging technologies for potential opportunities and risks to critical infrastructure.

  • Prioritize areas in for risk mitigation and resilience, whether in Critical Infrastructure or industry.

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