Mission and Vision

Our Three Pillars

Texas Nexus

We believe in a secure and unified Texas, connecting our private industry partners with public institutions through productive conversation.

One Step Ahead

Our focus is to stay ahead in an ever-changing security environment by providing innovative solutions that support business continuity and critical infrastructure protection.

Complement to Complete

We aim to fill the gaps and meet the needs of critical infrastructure sectors alongside our institutional partners.

Core Purpose

We stay one step ahead, transforming knowledge to protect critical infrastructure.


The SHSU Institute for Homeland Security provides innovative, value-added knowledge tailored to the needs of industry and public institutions, to protect critical infrastructure supporting Texas and the nation's economy.


Be the recognized leader for homeland security best practices aligned to critical infrastructure needs and objectives.

Legislative Intent

Enhance the security and resilience of the transportation, energy, chemical, and healthcare sectors for Texans and the Texas economy.


Priority 1:

Deliver training, education, and industry-focused research solutions.

Priority 2:

Build a trusted network that connects homeland security stakeholders.

Priority 3:

Establish an organizational structure to align resources and ensure sustained success.