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Structurally Sound Podcast

Structurally Sound is a podcast produced by the Institute for Homeland Security (IHS) at Sam Houston State University. The podcast will be a game-changer for small to medium-sized businesses looking for the latest best practices in security and resilience. We want to inspire professionals like you to help you achieve your goals. New episodes are available on first and third Mondays each month!


Episode 5 - Secure By Design: Preparedness & Prevention at CISA

Dec 4, 2023

You've heard of FEMA, usually after a disaster. Have you heard of CISA? This week, Julio Gonzalez, Supervisory Protective Security Advisor at CISA, chats with us about preparedness and prevention before a crisis. He also shares smuggling stories from the high seas and insight into a recent cyberattack.

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Episode 4 - Don't Shut Up, Nerd: Staying Ahead of Emerging Technology in Critical Infrastructure

Nov 20, 2023

Artificial intelligence, blockchains, quantum computing - complex emerging technologies promise to reshape critical infrastructure in the coming years. We're joined by Nick Reese, an emerging technology entrepreneur, and Robert Crane, a project manager at IHS, for strategies on embracing new tech while staying one step ahead.

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Episode 3 - Out of Tragedy Comes Purpose

Nov 6, 2023

Robert Crane joins Structurally Sound and recounts early influences that shaped his career toward critical infrastructure. We also talk about his experiences with the Coast Guard and DHS and consider the vulnerabilities of overreliance on GPS.

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Episode 2 - Gray Wars, Digital Privateers and Inter-Generational Collaboration: Reflections on the IHS Thought Leaders Conference

Oct 13, 2023

How can businesses manage risks and build relationships in an era of global cybersecurity risks, potential gray wars and mistrust between industry and government? A recent IHS Thought Leaders Conference tackled that question. Mike and Grant reflect on the conference with Dr. Nadav Morag, chair of the department of security studies at Sam Houston State, and Scott McHugh, IHS program executive for the private sector.

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Episode 1 - Insight into the Gaza Crisis

Oct 13, 2023

The Structurally Sound team chats with Dr. Nadav Morag and Scott McHugh about the unfolding crisis in Gaza. Dr. Morag is chair of security studies at Sam Houston State University and former Senior Director at Israel's National Security Council; Scott McHugh is a program executive at the Institute for Homeland Security and a longtime expert on public and private intelligence and security.

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Episode 0 - The IHS Origin Story

Oct 3, 2023

Welcome to Structurally Sound. In this episode we meet our hosts, Michael Aspland, Grant Threatt, and Marcus Funk. Michael and Grant recount the beginnings of the Institute for Homeland Security at Sam Houston State and introduce listeners to the podcast.

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